Our Work

We not only provide the advice but also help to execute what we advise, freeing management’s time to focus on product and user acquisition

  • Creating dynamic and detailed financial models to give management the necessary outputs to make optimal, financial, strategic and valuation decisions as well as being able to respond promptly to investor queries 

  • Advising companies on expanding their international presence and the most appropriate way to do this given their circumstances and objectives

  • Assessing the routes that management have for growing their business, including, for example, the economic feasibility of a roll out strategy along with options for risk mitigation

  • Advising on incentive structures and appropriate KPIs for the company, its employees and third parties

  • Assisting with management's application for government grants and funding programmes

  • Enhancing the company's investor presentation or starting it from scratch, through to preparing management for Q&A and rehearsing for pitches 

  • Advising on the content and structure of information to be communicated to shareholders

  • Act as a sounding board for the management team on issues that arise within their roles, ranging from negotiations with suppliers and operational issues, through to board composition and staffing needs

  • Assisting with creating a full suite of user flow diagrams for management to efficiently scope their plans for an automated platform, identifying potential issues and enhancements at an early stage, saving time and capital 

  • Helping management teams to get in front of investors, and make the best possible impression once they are