Our Expertise

At varying points in their life cycle, companies will face strategic inflection points such as capital raising, expansion, acquisitions, partnerships and exits.  

With our expertise, stemming from having advised and invested in business of all shapes and sizes, in a range of sectors and jurisdictions, we bring a financial markets perspective to management teams ensuring they are best positioned to succeed.

Corporate Infrastructure

  • Establishing financial, operational and risk management infrastructure

  • Specific examples include creating dynamic financial models, alongside thorough business plans.  These serve not only to enable scenario planning but also make it eminently more investable 

Capital Markets

  • Advice on structuring and managing fundraisings

  • Assist management to source capital by applying our perspective as investors in the preparation of materials thus ensuring interactions with investors are as impactful and efficient as possible 

  • Ongoing shareholder engagement

Strategic Review

  • Undertaking a one-off or periodic strategic review of a company’s current position, targets and the plans to achieve these

  • Assist management to facilitate and frame decision making by providing an objective viewpoint, challenging current thinking and providing recommendations. This can encompass a range of elements from operations and resources, to financing options and execution risks

Management Support

  • A tailored, hands-on service to supplement the existing management team skillsets with our expertise and network of relationships across a range of disciplines

  • Strategic planning, including implementation if required, with projects ranging from international expansion to product roll out and building strategic partnerships 

Public Markets

  • Advising companies preparing for an IPO/RTO,and managing transactions subject to the listing rules. This can include leading the project management of the transaction, from helping to prepare the necessary documentation to being the first point of contact for stakeholders and advisers

  • Enhancing investor engagement